About me

I’m Ruth, a farmer in Cumbria bordering the Lake District, working in the shadow of Carrock Fell. I am a founding member of The WoolClip in Caldbeck and I have knitted for as long as I can remember.

On my farm we have Blue Face Leicester, Swaledale and Shetland sheep. My daughter-in-law also has three Herdwick sheep. I get their fleeces washed, carded and spun and sell to customers who spin and felt the wool for knitters and crocheters.

I knit garments for sale like sweaters, scarves, hats and other small items using my own wool and other colourful natural yarns. Plus I have developed unique knitting kits using my wools and also home dye the fleece and wool which I sell in a local cooperative store and online.

In 2008 I went to Newton Rigg College to do an Art & Design course, which helped me expand my designs and ideas. I had great fun and learnt lots of different ways of creating new products by dyeing wool, silk and cotton to make scarves, corsages, cushions, ties and pictures, which I then embroider and applique. 

“My Inspirations come from my beautiful surroundings”


I have lots of different spun wools in different thicknesses. In Aran ply there is Blue Faced Leicester blended with Shetland, and Herdwick.

In Double Knitting ply there is Shetland, Blue Faced Leicester, Herdwick plyed with Swaledale, Herdwick blended with Shetland, and Zwartble plyed with Blue Faced Leicester.

I dye my wool and fleece with acid dyes (vinegar) as the mordant (fixer).


My Kits are for customers who want to make item for themselves, with the right amount of wool and pattern in each kit. From Scarves, Stoles, Hats, Tea Cosies, Sock and Teddies. Also I have spindle spinning Kits using my own fleeces, hand turned local spindle and instructions.


The different sheep have quite different wool qualities. Blue Faced Leicester is very soft, which is good for scarves and delicate items. Shetland is also soft and has lots of lovely colours. Swaledale and Herdwick is very course and hard, but these are good for outer garments and are hard wearing enough for rugs. 


Herdwick Ewes and Lambs

Shetland Ewe

Blue Faced Leicester

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